Texas Aggie Bar Association Distinguished Lawyer Award

For almost two decades the Texas Aggie Bar Association has identified Aggie attorneys who have over their lifetime demonstrated a commitment to both A&M and the legal profession as well as A&M's core values. The award was previously known as the Aggie Lawyer of the Year. But in 2015, the Texas Aggie Bar Association changed the name to the Texas Aggie Bar Association's Distinguished Lawyer Award to better reflect that the award can and often does take into account a candidate's lifetime achievements rather than simply the accomplishments in any given year.   

To nominate an individual for the 2019 Distinguished Lawyer Award, please click here

Prior winners of the Texas Aggie Bar Association's Distinguished Lawyer Award (formerly known as the Aggie Lawyer of the Year Award) include: 

2018   David Schlueter '68

2017   Anthony G. Buzbee '90

2016   Douglas Barlow '76 & '16

2015   Richard Kardys ‘67 

2014   Fidel Rodriguez, Jr. ‘73

2013   Chuck Ellison ‘76

2012   James A. Creel ‘69

2011   Bob Surovik ‘58

2010   Bill Jones ’81

2009   Fred McClure ’76

2008   Louie Gohmert ‘75

2007   John White ’70

2006   Judge Willie E. B. Blackmon ’73

2005   Arno Krebs ’64

2004   W. Mike Baggett ’68

2003   James “Jimmy” Bond ‘64 

2002   Henry Gilchrist ‘44

2001   Joseph Searcy Bracewell Jr. ’38 

2000   Otway Denny ’64 

Pre-2000 Aggie Lawyers of the Year: Greg Laughlin, Kent Caperton, Mike Swan, Abelardo L. "Lalo" Valdez, Justice C.L. Ray, James DeAnda, Mayo Thompson, Judge Ed Coulson, Garland Walker, Angus McSwain, and John Lawrence.


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