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Welcome to your dedicated page as a law student or former student of Texas A&M! This platform is created just for you, encapsulating the Texas Aggie Bar Association (TABA) experience tailored to your needs.

Establishing a legal network is an important part of every law student’s journey, and TABA strives to help connect Aggie law students with Aggie attorneys and judges. From participating in career panels and events to hosting Howdy Hours and the Annual Conference, TABA is active across the state in supporting Aggie law students. In addition, each year, TABA’s scholarship program provides financial support to outstanding Aggie law students. Want to learn more about connecting with other Aggies at your law school? Contact

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  • 1. Student LiaisonsEvery law school has a designated student liaison to the TABA board, fostering direct interaction and effective communication. If you need assistance connecting with your law school’s liaison or if you’d like to start an Aggie law group at your law school, please contact
  • 2. Membership If you've been a part of Texas A&M as an undergrad or a law student, you're eligible to join. Our membership doors are always open!
  • 3. Cost-effective MembershipStudents can join TABA at a minimal fee of just $10, gaining access to a rich network and a myriad of opportunities.
  • 4. Full Membership BenefitsAs a member, you can enjoy the complete range of membership benefits, all at a discounted rate.
  • 5. Scholarship Opportunities:Explore various scholarships available to you as a TABA member, assisting your academic journey.
  • 6. Mentorship Program:Interested in guidance from industry professionals? Let us know if you would like a mentor to enhance your career progression.
  • 7. Guest Speakers:Need a speaker for your class or event? We're here to connect you with accomplished professionals in the field.
  • 8. Feedback and Suggestions:We value your input! Please feel free to share any requests or suggestions for the student community.

Remember, this organization exists for you. Let's shape it together!

Please note that all suggestions will be discussed with the board before implementation. We're excited to have you on board and can't wait to see the remarkable things we'll achieve together!